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Friday, 30 November 2012

For the next three weeks, I'm going to be creating holiday hair looks for all of your upcoming get-togethers and parties.  These hairstyles will take a little more time than my usual Fab Hair Friday posts and will require a little more elbow grease.  But I promise the looks will be worth it!!

So I present the first Fab Hair Friday: Holiday Edition!

Hot Cross Buns: Estimated Time: 20 minutes; Hair Length: Medium to Long


Teasing comb
Texture spray/ dry shampoo
Hair spray
2 hair grips
Handful of bobby pins
Jeweled headband
Curling iron (1/2 inch to 1 inch)


Begin by adding a texture spray or dry shampoo to your hair to really give it some volume and thickness

Warm up your curling iron and curl the ends of your hair

Tease the roots of your hair with your teasing comb

Part the upper half of your hair from the bottom half of your hair diagonally and put each half in hair grips.  The top ponytail should be slightly higher than the bottom ponytail

Take 1 inch sections of hair and begin curling the hair up and in toward your head.  Pin in place with a bobby pin

Continue doing this until all the ponytail ends are looped up and in for both ponytails

Check in a mirror and make sure your loops are how you want them and then hair spray

Add your pretty jeweled headband and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and tweet me (@TheLoveHanger) a photo if you try it. :D  Have a great weekend!


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