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Friday, 5 October 2012

I got a lot of positive feedback on last Friday's Fab Hair post and I'm glad you all enjoyed it!  Some of you stated that you have short hair, so I'm going to be taking that into account and including updos that can be done on various lengths of hair.

And speaking of that, I bring you today's Fab Hair Friday post!  The Vintage Roll Updo!  Enjoy!

Vintage Roll Updo: Estimated Time: 8 minutes; Hair Length: Short to Long


~10 bobby pins
Hair grip
Hair spray


Part your hair to one side as deep as you like.

Starting on one side, twist the hair from the front hairline to right above the nape of your neck.

Secure with a bobby pin by placing the pin going down and with the roll of the hair.

Do the same twist to the other side of the hair.
Secure with a bobby pin.
If you have very layered hair or pieces sticking out, try a tighter roll, or use a few bobby pins to anchor down the loose ends.

Gently pick up your remaining hair in the back and tie a hair grip around it.
Make the grip sort of loose and close to the ends.

Now, begin rolling your hair up and in to the nape of your neck.
Use your fingers to help with the roll.
Your hair grip should be rolled into the roll so that it's not visible.  If you can see it, you may not have placed the grip low enough down the length of the hair.

Secure this bigger roll with bobby pins.
Anchor the pins facing downward from the top.
If the roll still feels loose, add a few more bobby pins on the side of the roll.

Check the rolls in the mirror and if it looks good, hairspray all over.

And that's it!  Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to tweet me your finished styles on Twitter! (@TheLoveHanger)


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