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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Welcome to Part 3 of the color series!  If you missed the blonde and brunette series, check them out!  Red hair is absolutely my favorite shade to work with.  It's flirty, it will get you noticed, and the tones are amazing!  But beware, red hair requires the most upkeep.  I honestly believe that almost all hair and skin types can pull off some type of red.  Want to see what shade of red will suit you best?  Read on!

1.  The shade of blush that looks best on me is:
     A.  Soft baby pinks
     B.  Peach colors
     C.  Corals 

2.  If I lay out in the sun for too long, I:
     A.  Burn easily
     B.  Burn first, and then it turns into a tan
     C.  Tan easily

3.  My natural hair color is:
     A.  Blonde
     B.  Brunette
     C.  Dark brunette to black

If you're mostly A's:

The best shade of red for you is a cool red!  Fair skin and hair looks incredible with a gorgeous brick red or a red with bluish or violet undertones.  Sounds weird but, can be really edgy and cool.  Look to these as examples:

If you're mostly B's:

With your skin tone, you can wear any red shade!  Experiment with a strawberry blonde or one of my favorites right now: a rose gold.  Examples:

If you're mostly C's:

Your best shade of red is a warm red!  It won't be as bright as a cool red, but will give you a gorgeous hue that will certainly turn heads.  Add some copper color or a pretty auburn color.  Here are some examples:

Thanks so much for following the color series.  Color is such a fun way to change up your look by just a little or by a lot!  Experiment, have fun, and hopefully you will have found a color that works for you. :)


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